Why Choose Better Building?

How do you choose a builder?

It is a question that needs to be asked. You often hear stories that are tragic to say the least.

Dolejs BuildersIn saying all that Nelson has quite a few reputable builders.  Look for a builder who has stood the test of time.  One who is in Nelson for the long haul.  Look for a company that has used the same trading name for a long time.  It’s your greatest insurance.

I have made my home here in Nelson since I was seven years old.  I have built up a good reputation with clients, designers and sub contractors.

My aim is to make the whole process of building a new home fun and easily understandable, and to deliver top quality workmanship at an affordable level giving the client peace of mind.  After all, you should enjoy building your home.  For most of us it is the single greatest expenditure we will have in our lifetime so we have to do it wisely and with confidence.

Being a small company (and I will stay that way), when you choose Better Building as your builder you get me on site every day.  I enjoy building homes, and by being on site I can guarantee you that you will get a quality home.  With many of the house companies you get young inexperienced carpenters who need to learn.  Do you really want them learning on your house?

I only take on one major project at a time.  Sure there are some overlaps at the beginning and end of any new home but with Better Building you get me all day every day.

I take the time to make sure I am comfortable with my prospective client and that they are comfortable with me.  One of the single most important ingredients in building a new home is trust. If the trust isn’t mutual then I would rather work for somebody else.

Dolejs BuildersCommunication is also very important.  It is easy for me to interpret house plans.  One of the keys to successful building is making sure the client can visualise what they are getting.  Again I take the time to sit down with you at your place and on site to make sure you fully understand what you are paying for.

Builders are like cars in some ways. You get what you pay for.  I don’t wish to be the cheapest builder in town but I do wish to be competitive and offer great value for your dollar. With low overheads and no sales staff or show home I can compete favourably with any house company.  I can also tell you quite confidently that my buying power is within 1.5% of what the house companies buy at. On an average house that equates to less than $5000 and I make significant savings on overheads.  I’m sure you can work that out.

Remember my motto: